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Discover how to leverage your pocast for the maximum Audience, Profit, and Impact

Evaluate current vs. desired strategy

Feedback on strengths, opportunities, and growth

33% of founders who are mentored by successful entrepreneurs go on to become top performers.

Former Apple Director and ex Google CEO Eric Schmidt credits much of those companies’ trillion-dollar valuations to their business coach, Bill Campbell.

Entrepreneurs need you. It's our vision to help coaches and mentors like you help more entrepreneurs.

That's why we're giving away this 34-page Podcast Trifecta Playbook.

What is the "Podcast Trifecta"


Grow Your Best Audience

You should have more people hearing what you have to say.


Monetize Sooner

Generating revenue creates opportunity for more promotion.


Increase Your Influence

You are amazing at your craft. It's time to get the authority to match!

Podcast Trifecta: Audience, Monetization, and Influence

If you are a coach, mentor, or have online courses - I’m giving this 34-page playbook away for free!There are (1) STRATEGIES, (2) CHECKLISTS, and (3) a SELF-ASSESSMENT covering the 3 pillars of podcasting: Audience, Monetization, and Influence (the TRIFECTA).

It’s perfect for emerging podcasters and also talented business coaches who have had a podcast on your wish list for too long already.

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